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IDC/FFC Machines

FFC Termination Machine

The semi-automatic FFC termination machine uses different die sets to terminate reel-feed FFC contacts to manually supplied FFC cables.

Pistol Grip Hand Tool System

The Pistol Grip Hand Tool System uses interchangeable terminating heads to apply a broad range of IDC products. Well suited for low to medium volume production.

Manual Arbor Frame Assembly

Bench frame for applying a variety of IDC connectors including AMPMODU MT, AMP-LATCH, and CHAMP.

CHAMP MI-1 Butterfly Tool

Terminates and shears wires in one step. For low volume and field use.

IHM Mark III IDC Harness Maker

The IHM Mark III is a high performance, fully-automatic machine to manufacture parallel jumper harnesses using IDC technology.

AMP DUOPLUG 2.5 Bench Machine

This bench machine applies TE connectors used within the household appliance industry.

MT-Matic Mark III Machine

The MT-Matic machine is able to terminate different IDC connectors semi-automatically.

MT-E2 F Semi-Automatic Machine

The MT-E2 F Semi-Automatic Machine processes high cavity-count female IDC connectors.

Semi-Automatic Bench Machine for Micro-Match Connectors

This semi-automatic machine can process connectors with ribbon cables, depending on the version, AMP LATCH or Micro Match.

Hand Operated Presses

Hand Operated Presses for AMP-LATCH and AMPLIMITE HDE-20 Connectors.

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