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Crimp Quality Monitor II

Product Information

Accurate. Precise.

Crimp height is the best non-destructive way to confirm meeting the stringent mechanical and electrical properties of the crimp. Crimp height is one of the 5 different process analysis methods featured in the new CQM II.

CQM II analysis methods provide flexibility and ensure that quality crimps are produced and faulty crimps are detected.

Crimp Quality Monitor II

The CQM II features new easy-to-use, intuitive menus along with enhanced monitoring and graphing. Another major enhancement is the ability to use CQM II on non-TE terminators. The new unit can standardize and provide TE Crimp Quality monitoring across your production area by being versatile, precise and convenient.


On-screen programmability allows flexible, quick job set-up. Enhanced ability to support the use of USB peripherals such as: flash drives for database, saving reports, and updating firmware.


Crimp Height measurements are repeatable to with 0.12mm for every crimp analyzed. CQM II is the only crimp monitoring system that offers continuous Crimp Height analysis for every crimp produced. Five different analysis methods are offered to monitor the process to the fullest extent.


Setup is simple and fast. Only a few parameters need to be set to get the system up and running. All functions are controlled through the touch screen, with a new intuitive graphical interface. CQM II has more choices to monitor the crimp process than ever before.

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