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Medium Voltage Elbows & Accessories

  • Elbow Module System (15-35 kV)
  • Elbow Module System (15-35 kV)
    Elbow Module System (15-35 kV)

    The Raychem elbow modular splicing systems offer separable solutions to fit a variety of needs which include: splicing, connecting to apparatus, dead-ending, and the ability to easily reconfigure circuits.

  • T-Body Elbow (15-28 kV)
  • T-Body Elbow (15-28 kV)
    T-Body Elbow (15-28 kV)

    The Raychem ELB-15/28-600, -610 elbows are designed to terminate underground cables to high-voltage apparatus such as transforers and switchgear.

  • Arrestor T-Body (35 kV)
  • Arrestor T-Body (35 kV)
    Arrestor T-Body (35 kV)

    The Raychem ELB-35-600-ARSTR elbow arresters are designed to protect underground cables and high voltage apparatus from voltage surges due to lightning and switching transients.

  • Elbows Accessories
  • Elbows Accessories
    Elbows Accessories

    Raychem elbow accessories consist of Deadbreak Standoff Plugs, Deadbreak Insulating Caps, Deadbreak Connecting Plugs and Deadbreak Junctions. Each is a fully shielded, and submersible connection, with conformance to ANSI/IEEE Standard 386.


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