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Power Triple Lock Connectors

Product Overview


Power Triple Lock connectors have been developed for improved power and signal applications. They offer many customer benefits for performance assurance.

For 3 in 1 reliability:

  • Audible "click" latch provides positive feedbck when cap or header and plug are mated. Ribs along the latch help prevent wires from being snagged underneath the latch.
  • Optional connector position assurance (CPA) ensures that, once engaged, the Power Triple Lock connector cannot be accidentally disengaged.
  • Optional terminal position assurance (TPA) ensures that contacts are fully seated within the housing and helps resist contact backout.

Power Triple Lock connectors offer three levels of housing materials with keying and color code to prevent mis-mating on the asssembly line.

  • Standard 105°C - Natural, Purple, Blue, Yellow
  • High temperature 150°C - Light Gray
  • Glow Wire - Dark Gray, Brown, Green, Orange

With 6mm centerline spacing, the reduced size Power Triple Lock connector offers high performance with a functional design.

The extensive Power Triple Lock connector product family includes free hanging, panel mount and board mount types.

Specifications and Applications

Specification overview


Voltage Rating: 600VAC or VDC

Current Rating: Up to 20A



Single row: 2, 3, 4, 5

Dual row: 2x3, 2x4, 2x5 and 2x6

Matrix: 3x3, 3x4 and 3x5

Centerline spacing: 6mm

Row-to-row spacing: 8.1mm

Operating temperature:

-55 to 105°C standard material

-55 to 150°C high temp material

Contact Wire Sizes

12AWG (3.3mm²)

14AWG (2.1mm²)

16-20AWG (1.27-0.56mm²)

22AWG (0.34mm²)

2x18AWG (0.82mm²)

2x20AWG (0.56mm²)


Housings: UL 94V-0

PBT standard (105°C)

High Temperature (150°C)

Glow wire (750°C no flame) per IEC 60335-1

Contacts: Tin-plated copper alloy


Application areas

  • Appliances
  • Commercial building
  • Industrial machinery
  • HVAC
  • Automotive
  • Rail


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