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FlexWave Prism

TE's FlexWave™ Prism is a new compact radio head for macro gap coverage that supports up to four frequencies delivering high-performance coverage with end-to-end management.

The FlexWave Prism enhances wireless networks in outdoor locations and large venues easier and more cost-effectively than ever before. Based on patented technology and TE's 15-year leadership in outdoor wireless distributed antenna system (DAS) technology, FlexWave Prism offers mobile operators a small, light, and flexible solution for extending macro network coverage for 2G, 3G, and 4G services.

The new FlexWave Prism system is ideal for enhancing outdoor coverage in cities, suburbs, canyons, tunnels, campuses, stadiums, and other public areas.It is 35 percent lighter and up to 60 percent smaller than the FlexWave URH product it replaces, and is available in four different cabinet sizes to support one, two, three or four frequency bands. Operators can future-proof their deployments by purchasing a larger cabinet and adding more frequencies when needed. FlexWave Prism uses TE's proven radio head technology and management system along with an IP-65 rated remote.

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