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Wireless Coverage & Capacity - Industry Solutions

Commercial Solutions

The commercial industry, which includes enterprise campuses, office buildings, warehouses, manufacturing facilities and retail venues, requires a variety of wireless coverage and capacity solutions to meet carriers' and their customers' demands.

Large Venue Solutions

It is relatively easy to provide cellular coverage in an enclosed space like a stadium or arena, but the real challenge at big events is to provide enough network capacity to huge crowds of people who are using their mobile devices to send photos, access the Internet, or transmit video simultaneously.

Education Solutions

In an era where mobile communications should be clear and always on, the sometimes spotty coverage in campus buildings and on the grounds is becoming unacceptable. TE offers customized of coverage and capacity solutions that can provide ubiquity of voice and data service throughout the school campus.

Government Solutions

The Government industry encompasses a wide range of city and state public and government buildings with extensive requirements for mobile coverage. TE’s in-building wireless solutions are approved by major wireless carriers and best suited to deliver mobile voice and data throughout the venue.

Healthcare Solutions

While the hospital complex itself may be designed with patient safety in mind, a concrete structure with towers between each wing for easy defense against fire often proves difficult for wireless communications. TE's in-building wireless systems guarantee to satisfy the highly variable needs of healthcare in the most complex of facilities.

Hospitality Solutions

The Hospitality industry looks for ways to provide wireless coverage and capacity as travelers require a fast and reliable communication to stay connected to family, friends, and colleagues. TE’s flexible and reliable solutions deliver seamless wireless service anytime, anywhere for hotel guests and staffs.

Residential Solutions

The residential industry typically requires in-building wireless solutions to augment the macro network coverage and capacity. TE's hybrid solutions offer the most effective way to deliver reliable wireless services to multiple tenants.

Rural Area Solutions

The digital platform of TE’s long-range coverage solution is best suited to meet the requirements of rural and regional wireless carriers providing broad coverage, maximum radio utilization, and financial savings.

Transportation Solutions

TE's wireless portfolio offers a variety of solutions to meet users' and service providers' unique transportation industry needs.

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