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Wireless Coverage & Wireless Capacity

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Wireless Coverage & Capacity

  • Digital DAS Solutions
  • Digital DAS Solutions
    Digital DAS Solutions

    TE's FlexWave™ Prism is a new compact radio head for macro gap coverage that supports up to four frequencies delivering high-performance coverage with end-to-end management. The FlexWave Prism enhances wireless networks in outdoor locations and large venues easier and more cost-effectively than ever before.

  • Ethernet Enterprise DAS Solutions
  • Ethernet Enterprise DAS Solutions
    Ethernet Enterprise DAS Solutions

    TE Connectivity is the market leader for in-building wireless coverage and capacity. The InterReach® solution operates as a seamless extension of the wireless network, expanding the reach of signals throughout any size public or private facility.

  • Wireless Connectivity
  • Wireless Connectivity
    Wireless Connectivity

    TE's Flexible Wireless Connectivity Solutions offer service providers the necessary customization and modularity to address the unique challenges of each network location throughout a wireless network. TE solutions help to reduce the complexities of wireless deployments—enabling faster construction and time to revenue. Providers gain the means to lower their total cost of ownership, while maintaining the highest level of network integrity and performance.


  • Ancillaries
  • Ancillaries

    The FlexWave AIP provides a structured component interface between the RF source and DAS host units. A single Active DAS Integration Panel supports up to 8 base station TX/RX inputs.

  • Cell-site Solutions
  • Cell-site Solutions
    Cell-site Solutions

    TE Connectivity's cell-site solutions improve existing network performance, allowing mobile subscribers to place clear calls and improve data usage, resulting in increased revenue for service providers.

  • Public Safety DAS
  • Public Safety DAS
    Public Safety DAS

    TE Public Safety DAS assures clear clean and distortion-free transmission and distribution of critical communication information: wireless voice and data.

Wireless Infrastructure Expertise

TE's experience in the wireless infrastructure industry has moved it to the forefront of solution sets for access, core and transmission equipment including base stations, remote radio and wireless broadband systems.

Product Portfolio

TE's commitment to providing reliable wireless infrastructure solutions is reflected in our broad product portfolio, that addresses future requirements of wireless networks for access, core and transmission equipment.

Next-Generation TE Solutions

TE's technology knowledge and innovative spirit results in continuous product improvements and next-generation connector and cable assembly product offerings, meeting future wireless infrastructure needs.

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