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Copper Connectivity


TE offers copper connectivity solutions for classical telephony, high-speed data transmission via ISDN, ADSL, VDSL, cable TV, Internet access, mobile networks -- guaranteeing optimum transmission rates, network quality and high bandwidth transparency.

Standard 8- and 10-Pair Termination Modules

Industry standard Series 2 eight- and ten-pair modules are built on LSA-PLUS IDC technology for the highest degree of reliability even under the most adverse environmental and climatic conditions.

High Density 10-Pair Disconnection Modules

A very high density 10-pair module designed for use wherever extreme high density connectivity is required, two LSA-PLUS Series 12 modules can be fitted side-by-side to provide 20-pair disconnection functionality.

Extremely High Density 10-Pair Disconnection Modules

The HD180 10-pair modules meet the demand for high-density while delivering high-quality connectivity. Featuring IDC connectivity on both front and rear, available space is increased by up to 100% over conventional connection systems.

Protection Magazines for IDC Modules

The risk of components being damaged or destroyed by overvoltages and overcurrents results not only in direct hardware losses, but also in network downtimes. TE offers protection components, satisfying safety requirements of global telecommunication networks.

8-Port xDSL Splitter Modules

The 8-port splitter module allows integration of xDSL-splitter functionality into main distribution frames or cross-connection cabinets.

DS1 Digital Signal Cross-Connect

The modular FlexDSX front cross-connect solutions help prevent downtime and increase quality and service availability.

DS3 Digital Signal Cross-Connect

The RZX-3 rear cross-connect system's superior cable management accommodates maximum cable density and a modular design allows simplified, cost-effective access and restoration capabilities.

Power Distribution Products

Power Distribution Panels have been engineered from the ground up to properly protect and distribute power to valuable, revenue generating network equipment.

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