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Infotainment Solutions


The next-generation of connected vehicles require fast, reliable and responsive connectivity, TE has your infotainment solution. 

High Speed Data (HSD) Connector System

Our high speed data (HSD) connector system is focused on various motor vehicle application areas such as the inside compartment for connections to displays, head units, cluster displays and rear seat infotainment modules.

FAKRA RF Compliant Connector System

We offer a comprehensive connector system for high frequency coaxial connectors in compliance with FAKRA II and FAKRA IV standards for road vehicle applications. These products are fully compatible and designed based on requirements from the FAKRA RF and the USCAR standards. Our product offering includes RF cable assemblies, terminals and housings.

Connectors for MOST Networks

As a market leader in optical design and process development, our connector system includes physical product layer products to connect automotive multimedia and infotainment devices communicating on the MOST (Media Oriented Systems Transport) network. MOST is a trademark.

Stripline RF Connectors and Contacts

Our Stripline RF Connector System helps to support increasing demand for low cost connectors with complex crimping for high frequency systems for road vehicle applications such as global positioning systems (GPS), mobile phones, radios, mobile television and digital satellite radios.

Infotainment Cable Assemblies

We provide RF and coaxial cable assemblies for GSM (global system for mobile communications), GPS (global positioning systems), tire pressure sensor, door locking and radio applications.

Connectors for USCAR30 Standards

The TE "High Speed Data portfolio (trade name)" is optimized for high speed transportation connections for infotainment applications. It is qualified to USB 2.0 requirements. The Mini B is a 90 Ω system that operates at a temperature range of -40°C /+85°C (+105°C optional). The system supports USB as well as LVDS data rates and is compatible with the robust automotive environment.

0.50 HSL Connectors

TE 0.50 HSL (High Speed Link) Connector is designed for High Speed Data Transmission and to meet Automotive requirements. An ultra-compact 0.50 mm terminal, that is the smallest in the Automotive industry, has been adapted to this 0.50 HSL for allowing lighter and smaller connector design.

HDMI Connectors

TE HDMI Type E Connector is designed for High Speed Data Transmission and to meet Automotive requirements. It has a robust design to improve vibratility and impact resistance in comparison with Consumer HDMI connectors. It is EMI optimized with full shielded design.


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