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Custom Cable Assemblies

Custom Cable Assemblies

Airbag Cable Assemblies

TE provides a varied array of Squib cable assemblies to cater for 10 mm, 11 mm and universal interfaces. A choice of product for AC or DC wiring systems along with fully or semi automated manufacturing process to ensure high reliability for this safety critical application.

Cylinder Head Wiring

Our Cylinder Head Wiring cable assemblies are located inside the cylinder head of the vehicle, operating in a hostile environment of temperature and hot oil while providing a sealed interface to the outside of the engine.

Flat Cable Assemblies

TE Connectiviy's FFC cable assembly is a laminated 2.54 mm pitch cable with terminals and connectors applied with TE application tooling. Planar and discrete ribbon cable products is utilized in conjunction with TE standard contact technology to enable the production of a low cost flexible cable assembly.

High Voltage Cable Assemblies

Complete cable assembly for motor, battery, converter and inverter applications. System integration of high voltage harnesses used in auxiliary applications such as air conditioning, heater and pumps.

HVAC Cable Assemblies

These cable assemblies are designed in conjunction with the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) manufacturer to optimize the available TE Connectivity product portfolio of cable, terminals, connectors and other wire related products.

Infotainment Cable Assemblies

We provide RF and coaxial cable assemblies for GSM (global system for mobile communications), GPS (global positioning systems), tire pressure sensor, door locking and radio applications.

Overmolded Wiring Products

TE Connectivity’s’ overmolding competency provides a gas tight product ensuring high durability against the effects of vibration, temperature and moisture.

Special Cable Assemblies

TE Connectivity provides many discrete cable assemblies utilizing proven components.  These cable assemblies are designed to suit the customer and application, all terminated with in-house application tooling available in high and low volume production.

Xenon Light and Gas Discharge Lamps Cable Assemblies

Our high voltage cable assemblies for lighting platforms provide products suitable for up to 25 KV integrating passive compnoents and fully shielded design, couple with easy to mate and un-mate design.

Looking for Infotainment solutions?
Looking for Infotainment solutions?
Our technologies are focused on consumer port applications, board-to-board connections, vehicle-to-vehicle communication and next generation harness architecture.
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