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Corcom Safety Agency Approvals

ISO 9001:2008 Certification

Within TE, Operational Excellence means maximizing our customers' satisfaction, our market position and financial results by ensuring continual quality and cost improvement in our processes, products, and services. Deployment of Operational Excellence enables us to meet the commitments within our Quality Policy.

Quality Policy

It is the goal of TE to continually deliver safe, effective, high-quality products and services, on time, to our customers and internal operations. Processes and controls shall be implemented such that tasks are performed properly the first time, so that products and services meet established agreed-to requirements. Quality, customer satisfaction, continual improvement, maintaining the effectiveness of our quality management system, and compliance with customer and regulatory requirements, are the personal responsibility of every employee.

Safety Agency File Numbers


UL Recognition

Guide # FOKY2, Card # E48570
    (all except Medical Filters)
Guide # KFBQ2, Card # E58625
     (EAH, EBH, HQ, HT, H Series Only)

CSA Certification

Class 2221, File LR46870

VDE Approval

File # 7064-4730

TUV Approval

File # E2173035 (DAF, DAS Series)
File # E2173028-01 (DCB, DCF Series)

Power Entry Modules

UL Recognition

Guide # FOKY2, Card # E48570
    (GG, LA, FM, ZM, DL and Filtered J & P Series)
Guide # KFBQ2, Card # E58625
    (Medical grade filter: HJ, HL, HM Series)
Guide # AYVZ2, CAard # E59193
    (Unfiltered Modules and J Series)

CSA Certification

Class 2221, File LR46870 (Filtered Modules)
Class 6221, File LR68189 (Unfiltered Modules)

VDE Approval

File # 7064-4730 (Filtered Modules except J Series)
File # 7064-1550 (Unfiltered Modules except J Series)

Signal Line Modular Jacks

UL Recognition

Guide # DUXR2, Card # E136872

CSA Certification

Class 4872, File LR96220


UL Recognition

Guide # RTRT2, Card # E106884 (MA100)
Guide # XUHT2, Card # E106794 (TS Series)

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