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New Product: General Purpose Magnetic Actuators


TE's expert product knowledge in magnetic and winding technology is the basis of innovative solutions for various automotive application areas.

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Actuators play a major role in today's modern passenger cars. Keeping safety features in place or releasing them in critical situations, locking or unlocking doors and changing the damping mode of the vibration silencers of the engine are just a few of the many possible applications that cannot be realized without an actuator. As each application defines its own packaging layout, Tyco Electronics' expertise helps design the function into the form required. Our engineers carefully prepare simulations and studies to optimize the energy efficiency in the available packaging space, considering the required output forces, ambient temperatures and displacement parameters. Tyco Electronics actuators focus on linear displacement for both mono- and bi-stable solutions.

Highly accurate magnetic properties and reliable performance are provided by means of orthocyclic winding processes, integration of magnetic conductive materials and precision thermoplastic overmolding. Multispring technology simplifies electronic assembly where a PCB may be required.

Tyco Electronics' expert product knowledge in magnetic and winding technology is the basis for innovative solutions in the following automotive application areas:

  • Active shock-absorber switch-mode actuator. The actuator is integrated in the front shock absorber of the car and makes the bumper actuation stiff or flexible depending on driving speed. Pedestrians and bicycles are exposed to less severe injuries by this system.
  • Variable camshaft actuator. In high-temperature environments the sealed actuator proportionally controls the camshaft angle depending on the engine load and speed.
  • Regenerative braking systems rely on the Tyco Electronics actuator coils to revert to a hydraulic system if required.
  • Engine air suspension damper mode is changed between idle speed and normal load by means of a Tyco Electronics actuator, resulting in minimum vibration and maximum comfort for the driver and passengers.

For technical information, please contact:
Tyco Electronics AMP GmbH
Joeri Fryns
phone: +32 5083 2588
email : joeri.fryns@te.com

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