Powering the Future

Powering the Future

Autosport presents some of engineering's greatest opportunities – and its toughest challenges. Winning demands a commitment to a constant cycle of innovation within demanding time requirements. The results must endure extreme temperatures, vibration, and race day conditions. Discover how TE is powering the future of autosport.

Milliseconds matter. It is the difference between 1st and 2nd place, the top step of the podium and the one slightly lower, the biggest trophy and big trophy. It is a race of speed, but even more — details. To capture the checkered flag, a top driver is key. But behind every winning driver — a team of engineers who theorize, test and tinker under the most extreme and demanding conditions. TE Connectivity is proud to support the Andretti Formula E team and group of engineers in their quest to be the world’s top electric race team. Inside every Andretti race car, and throughout the racing community, you will find TE connectors, sensors and cables. But beyond helping electric cars reach new levels of speed, we’re committed to sustainable, clean-energy innovations that will revolutionize how we live, work, play and learn. Our partnership with Andretti Technologies provides a unique platform to develop and test new technologies in a racing environment that will help Power the Future of racing and industry applications.

  1. Powering The Future: The Engineer (Englisch)

Die FIA Formel E-Meisterschaft ist die weltweit erste Rennserie mit reinen Elektroautos und stellt die Konstrukteure damit vor beispiellose Herausforderungen. Die mit 200-Kilowatt-Batterien betriebenen Fahrzeuge erreichen Geschwindigkeiten von bis zu 225 km/h und jede Komponente kann den Unterschied zwischen Sieg und Niederlage ausmachen. Powering The Future, ein gemeinsames Projekt von TE und Andretti Technologies, ist die Geschichte des erfolgreichen Vorstoßes eines Formel-E-Teams auf unbekanntes Terrain. Erfahren Sie, wie die Technik von TE das Auto von Andretti Technologies schneller ins Ziel bringt.

  • Powering The Future: The Driver (Englisch)

  • Eine Entscheidung für den Rennsport

Engineers are the backbone of our team. The team with the strongest engineering group is normally running up front.
Michael Andretti,
Team Owner, Andretti Autosport

TE developed the first interconnection solutions designed specifically for the autosport market. Since the early 1990s, TE has designed and manufactured highly engineered connectors, sensors, and cables used by championship autosport teams around the world. Our solutions are designed for reliability under harsh use in the harshest environments. With TE products in the race car, race teams know they are using highly engineered, innovative solutions developed for their needs.