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CHAMP Connectors Overview

CHAMP Ribbon Cable Connectors
CHAMP Ribbon Cable Connectors

TE Connectivity CHAMP connector system terminates to a printed circuit board, ribbon cable and discrete wire. CHAMP connector system is designed on various centerlines, including 0.8mm [0.031in], 1.27mm [0.050in] and 2.16mm [0.85in]. Found in multiple industries, these solutions are used in telecommunication hubs and cabling, computer devices, networking hardware as well as medical instruments, consumer test products and industrial machines. Designed for high density applications, these I/O product Board-to-Board and Wire-to-Board plugs and receptacles are available in various position sizes and Printed Circuit Board mount styles. Additional hardware and accessories add to the system’s versatility and value-adding potential.

    Key Features
  • High Density Ribbon Cable and Discrete Wire Interconnects
  • Position range from 20 to 200
  • High durability to withstand repeated mating
  • Polarized D shape
  • Wire Termination Methods - Insulation Displacement Contacts (IDC) and Crimp
  • Printed Circuit Board Mount Orientation – Right Angle, Vertical and Card Edge
  • Printed Circuit Board Termination – SMT, Press-Fit, Thru-hole
  • Telecommunication hubs and cabling
  • Desktop/laptop/printer
  • Disk drives
  • Network bridges, routers and hubs
  • Test & medical instruments
  • Industrial machines


0.8 [.031] Centerline CHAMP
    0.8 [.031] Centerline CHAMP
  • High Density, low profile shielded applications providing board space and height savings of up to 50%
  • Single and Stacked Right Angle Printed Circuit Board receptacles
  • Backshell kits include squeeze-to-release or jackscrew mating hardware and covers
1.27mm [.050] Centerline CHAMP
    1.27mm [.050] Centerline CHAMP
  • Board to Board, Blind Mate and Wire to Board solutions
  • Vertical and Right Angle connectors available in both plug and receptacle genders
  • Optional high temperature housings
  • 4-row high density contact arrangement designed for use on notebook type personal computers
2.16mm [.085] Centerline CHAMP
    2.16mm [.085] Centerline CHAMP
  • Available in 24, 36, 50 and 64 positions
  • Wide range of locking hardware, mounting options and wire specifications
  • Intermateable with other similar designs
  • Connector Types: Ribbon Cable, Standard CHAMP Connectors, Centronics, IEEE 488
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