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Flexible Film Cable Products Overview

Flexible Printed Circuit (FPC) Connectors
FFC Flat Flexible Cable Connectors
The TE Connectivity family of Flexible Film Products for FFC cable includes a wide variety of high density board-to-board, cable-to-board and cable-to-cable connectors designed for automated assembly. The family is composed of pin and receptacle housings on .100 [2.54] centerline contact spacing and receptacle housings on .050 [1.27] centerline contact spacing for efficient use of printed circuit board area. Receptacle housings not only mate with the pin housings, but also mate with an array of pc board headers from other TE Connectivity connector lines, including AMPMODU MTE, AMPMODU .0252 [0.642], AMPMODU System 50 and AMP-LATCH product families.

    Key Features
  • Eliminates cable stripping and plating requirements
  • High-speed sequential application of multiple-crimp contacts assure lowest applied cost
  • Wide variety of housings available
  • Connectors Recognized under the Component Program of Underwriters Laboratories Inc., File No. E28476
  • High density packaging
  • Low profile design
  • Surface mount application
  • Convenient embossed tape packaging
  • Single & Double Row Housings--Plain & Latch Versions
  • Connectors Certified under CSA Report No. LR 7189A-91
  • Choice of pin, receptacle, card edge or solder tab contacts
  • Capabilities of intermixing FFC cable and round wire contacts in same housing
  • Notebook PC
  • Printers
  • PDA
  • Camera
  • Mobile Phone
  • Membrane Switches
  • Disk Drives
  • Data Systems

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FFC Contacts
    FFC Contacts
  • The multiple-crimp design is featured on all .050 [1.27] and .100 [2.54] centerline flexible film contacts. Four crimping tines on each contact are used to penetrate the cable insulation and conductor, assuring optimum electrical and mechanical reliability. FFC contacts are supplied in strip form on reels for sequential termination.
FFC Standard Connectors
    FFC Standard Connectors
  • FFC Standard interconnect is an effective solution for both cable-to-cable and cable-to-board applications.
  • Available in Single and Dual Row spacing
FFC Slimline Connectors
    FFC Slimline Connectors
  • The Slimline version of the FFC connector system offers the same quality connection and performance as the standard FFC connector system, but in a smaller form factor.
  • Side-to-Side Stacking
  • End-to-End Stacking
  • Top and bottom contact versions
FFC Flexpac Connectors
    FFC FLEXPAC Connectors
  • A versatile interconnection solution for a host of high performance applications. The system combines flat conductor cable technology with a variety of contact and connector termination styles. Coupled with polarized locking headers, these enable the specification of custom designed assemblies tailored to the specific board-to-board application.
FFC ZIF Connectors
    ZIF Connectors
  • ZIF or Zero Insertion Force connectors allow for easy cable insertion and a reliable connection.
FFC Trio-Mate Connectors
    Trio-Mate Connectors
  • Accepts FFC cable, flexible etched circuitry or membrane switch circuitry .005 to .015 [0.13 to 0.38] thick in contact area
  • High extraction force
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