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Economy Power Connectors Overview

Economy Power Connector System
Economy Power connector system
TE Connectivity's (TE) Economy Power (EP) wire-to-board connector family is widely used for power circuit applications. Based on the proven EP version, the new and advanced EP II and EP 2.5 lines offer additional benefits.

EP II connectors are based on a .156" [3.96mm] pitch and are rated for 600VAC at up to 11A and thus offer potential for a larger range of applications along with 22-18 AWG [.321-.963 mm²] wire size. Up to 12-positions make it an ideal product family for delivering power to your circuit board.

The new EP 2.5 family is a compact version based on a .098" [2.5mm] pitch and is rated for 250VAC at up to an industry-leading 4.5A. With a 26 to 20 AWG [.121-.601 mm²] wire size, and up to 20-positions, EP 2.5 is ideally suited to deliver power to a board when space is at a premium.

Both EP II and EP 2.5 connectors offer two levels of mechanical and electrical reliability: A true locking latch prevents the plug housing and post header from vibrating apart, while an optional Terminal Position Assurance (TPA) retainer device helps assure the terminal is fully seated within its housing. Finally, both families offer a broad range of interconnects, including vertical, shrouded, and right angle headers along with resin materials that are offered in various colors and meet your glow wire requirements.

    Key Features
  • Positive audible latch designed for easier mating & unmating
  • Polarization tabs help prevent post misalignment
  • Intermateable with similar products in the market to facilitate simple retrofitting
  • Broad portfolio includes .098 [2.5mm], .156 [3.96mm], .200 [5.08mm] and .312 [7.92mm] centerline families
  • Asymmetrical terminals can only be loaded one way within housing
  • Anti-Fretting contact lubricant
  • Glow Wire material is available for both EP II and 2.5.
  • Household appliances
  • Commercial & building equipment
  • HVAC & vending controls
  • Industrial machinery & equipment: generators
  • Coin changers/vending machines
  • Lighting
  • Garage door openers


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