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MINIPAK HDL Connectors Overview

MINIPAK HDL connector
The MINIPAK HDL connector combines a high density power interface into a blind-mateable board-to-board connector, which stands only 8mm off the edge of the printed circuit board.

MINIPAK HDL consists of a right angle plug and either a right angle or vertical receptacle, which utilize an eye-of-the-needle tail to be used in both solder and press-fit applications. The contact offers a current rating of 16 amps, a low contact resistance, and mating forces less than .3 pounds per contact. The connector is designed and manufactured to be mass-customizable, thus allowing the customer to select a wide of array of configurations and layouts. Also, MINIPAK HDL contains three levels of different mating sequences.

This product is designed specifically for modular hot-swappable power distribution systems. The MINIPAK HDL offers 20% more current density in a smaller package than other products currently offered in the market.

    Key Features
  • High density, low profile, power/signal, blind-mate connector
  • Developed to meet next generation 1u application by reducing airflow impedance
  • Design is customizable
  • Serves both solder reflow and press fit applications with the same contact
  • Gatherability - +/- 2mm
  • Mating Forces of 1 ½ N maximum per power contact
  • Single piece molded housing for best strength and alignment
  • Durability - 250 mating cycles
  • Wipe - Minimum of 2.5mm on shortest signal
  • Three levels of sequencing
  • 1U Server
  • High end servers
  • Telecommunication switches requiring low profile
  • Hot pluggable power supplies

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