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QSL RF Connector System Overview

QSL RF Connector Series
QSL RF Connectors

The new QSL RF Connector Series is designed to support the increasing demand for WiFi and WiMax enabled products and applications. The developing family of connectors includes both single- and multi-port versions, with a wide range of configuration options including PCB and panel mount receptacles, and cable plugs terminated to RG 174 and RG 316 style cable.

The QSL is suitable for most 50-ohm applications, such as PCI/PCI Express cards and antennas for desktop PCs, mobile antennas, and satellite radio. The QSL interface exhibits excellent performance thru 6 GHz, has a temperature range of -40 to +125°C, and durability of 500 cycles minimum. The innovative coaxial cable displacement design provides a cost effective alternative to standard screw machine connectors such as SMA, SMB, BNC and QMA. Plastic molding of housings also facilitates fabrication of unique interfaces that comply with FCC requirements for RFID, broadcast, and other wireless communication systems.

Features such as polarization and keying, jackscrews, and squeeze-to-release versions, low engagement and disengagement forces, and specialty hybrid interfaces are readily accommodated.

    Key Features
  • Highly reliable and ruggedized interface
  • Excellent price-to-performance ratio
  • Surface and panel mount compatible
  • RoHS Compliant [lead-free SMT process (260°C) compatible]
  • Designed for RG 174 and RG 316 Cable
  • 3 Port QSL receptacle footprint 12.5mm D x 17.5mm W x 10mm H
  • Platform expandable for multiple ports, configurations, and color options
  • IP67 Compatible designs available upon request
  • WiFi, WiMax Antenna Mobility and Communications
  • Broadcast, Set Top Box and Integration Media
  • PCIe and WNIC Cards
  • Mobile Antenna, GPS, Radio Systems
  • PDA, PCS, Handheld Applications
  • Wireless Communication Systems
  • Satellite, Broadcast, Multimedia
  • Automotive Telematics
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