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Fine Stack Overview

Fine Stack Connectors
0.5/0.8mm Fine Stack board to board connectors represent a new family of board-to-board connectors developed for use in applications where small size and slim construction are vital, such as camcorders, LCD displays, and cellular telephones. These connectors enable astonishingly high-density packaging with contacts on 0.5mm centerline and stack height of 1.5mm or with contacts of 0.8mm centerline and stack height of 3.0mm, solving the problem if increased signal counts associated with digitalization.

Compatible with FPC packaging, the 0.5mm pitch connectors can provide the same stack height of 1.9mm as conventional FPC connectors even with 0.1 thickness of FPC and 0.3mm thickness of FPC reinforcing board added. Thus, it can double pin counts for the same area of footprint.

This feature makes it possible to increase signal counts while realizing miniaturization and slim design of equipment. On the production line they are compatible with automated mounting by embossed taping specifications.

The connectors consist of tab assembly and receptacle assembly. The housing is made of thermoplastic and contacts are copper alloy with gold plating in contact area.

    Key Features
  • Increase signal counts while realizing miniaturizationm
  • Compatible with automated assembly processes
  • Camcorders
  • LCD displays
  • Mobile phones

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