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MICTOR SB Connectors Overview

MICTOR SB connector
MICTOR SB connector

The MICTOR SB connector family is based on the microstrip concept of two rows of signal contacts divided by a center power ground plane.

Various mated heights are available for parallel board-to- board systems. The MICTOR SB connector family is available in 0.50 [.020] and 0.80 [.032] centerlines. They are available in sizes ranging from 60 to 300 signal positions (in 60 position increments) for the 0.50 [.020] centerline products and from 40 to 200 signal positions (in 40 position increments) for the 0.80 [.032] centerline products. There is a discrete ground bus every 20.0 [.788] of the connector length, which can be assigned to either power or ground in any combination.

The housing material is a liquid crystal polymer, compatible with infrared and forced air convection operations.

The connector system maintains impedance and uses the solid ground bus between the rows of signals to provide low crosstalk and excellent high-speed signal characteristics.

    Key Features
  • 0.50 [.020] centerline product: 105 dedicated signal lines per inch within one module (60 contacts per module; modules on 20.0 [.788] centerlines)
  • 0.80 [.032] centerline product: 66.8 dedicated signal lines per inch within one module (40 contacts per module; modules on 20.0 [.788] centerlines)
  • Surface mount family designed for parallel board-to-board, flex-to-board and cable-to-board configurations
  • Infrared and forced air convection compatible housing materials
  • Designed for 50 ohm systems or 100 ohm systems
  • Connector housings polarized for correct mating
  • Packaging styles available in trays and pocket tape, with both styles available with or without vacuum dots
  • Recognized under the Component Program of Underwriter Laboratories Inc. File No. E111594 R

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