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SMT QuickGrip Overview

SMT QuickGrip RF Connectors
SMT QuickGrip RF Connectors

The SMT QuickGrip product line is designed to meet the growing demand for a reliable, low cost system for direct termination of coax to a printed circuit board (PCB). SMT QuickGrip technology eliminates the requirement to connectorize the coaxial cable, reducing assembly times and, therefore, cost. The SMT QuickGrip surface mount device occupies less PCB area than conventional through hole coaxial connectors. An innovative microstrip mounting pattern and cable receptacle design ensures excellent grounding and PCB retention. The SMT QuickGrip cable termination system stands a mere 3.0 [.118] off the board when mated, allowing for closer pitch/spacing when designing a system. The SMT QuickGrip provides optimal cable retention for applications where shock, vibration, and/or cable flexure may be encountered. This unique RF design accepts both flexible and semi-rigid micro-coaxial cables while delivering exceptional RF performance up to 3GHz.

These features make this system extremely versatile for design engineers and offer a reliable, cost effective alternative to direct soldering of cable to the PCB. The cable is inserted into the device by means of a simple self-aligning hand tool, eliminating the requirement for skilled personnel. This system removes the possibility of damaged PCBs and cables which are common quality issues associated with direct solder, while providing superior RF performance. The SMT QuickGrip accommodates multiple cable insertions allowing easy replacement of cables for repairs. This receptacle is designed for high volume assembly using surface mount technology and is available in tape and reel packaging for pick and place board assembly. Pre-stripped cables and interseries cable pigtails are available as turnkey solutions for your application needs (i.e., for use in multiboard applications, for connecting antennas to the PCB, or point to point transmission on the same PCB).

The SMT QuickGrip cable termination system is ideal for wireless surface mount applications in handsets, pagers and personal digital assistants (PDA). The SMT QuickGrip mechanical and electrical performance, coupled with its ease of use, ensure it to be a high quality, reliable solution for current and future interconnect needs.

    Key Features
  • 3.0 [.118] Mated Height
  • Excellent Cable Retention
  • Usable With Flexible and Semi-Rigid Micro-Coaxial Cables
  • Tape and Reel Packaging
  • Connecting antennas to a PCB
  • Point-to-point transmission on the same PCB
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