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DIN Series 1.6/5.6 mS Overview

Series 1.6/5.6 mS connectors
Series 1.6/5.6 mS connectors
The Series 1.6/5.6 mS connectors have been modified to incorporate improved technical advantages. Transmission values have been greatly improved while maintaining the proven positive characteristics of the previous generations. All types of this new “third generation” Series 1.6/5.6 mS connectors are connection compatible with their predecessor. Today’s PCM technology demands place the Series 1.6/5.6 mS connectors as a most suitable component for transmission of high bit rates. Connectors are available in straight and angled versions as well as with different mechanisms for screw (type A), snap-on (type B), slide-in (type C), and latching (type F) coupling. All connectors of different coupling mechanisms are compatible with each other.

The connectors are designed according to the pin-socket principle. The contacts are partially gold plated, ensuring long service life and stable contact resistance for a high number of intermateability cycles. The inner conductor parts are secured so that they cannot be displaced. The insulating parts are made of PEEK (polyetheretherketone) or PC (polycarbonate).

The cable inner conductors are soldered on, while the outer conductors are screwed or crimped on. Also, cable clamp which is independent of the braid clamping secures the connection point against tensile stressing for both methods of connection. In addition, assembly friendly connectors with full crimp and IDC (Insulation Displacement Contact) connection are included within the scope of delivery. The connectors are characterized by high mechanical strength and low space requirement.

Connection possibilities exist for a number of different cables, including highly flexible cable types (with foam insulation) with low attenuation or small diameter. Terminations and adapters (see also measurement accessories) round out the spectrum.

    Key Features
  • Straight and angled versions
  • Screw, snap-on, slide-in, and latching coupling options
  • Suitable component for transmission of high bit rates
  • Available with corrosion resistant, non-magnetic White Bronze plating
  • Meets all performance requirements for MIL-C-39012.
  • Mobile phone infrastructure

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