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CAD Format & Compression Information

CAD Format & Compression Information

CAD Format Information

There are many CAD models available on our website. Our Product Details page, which can be accessed in numerous ways, including through a part number search, will display CAD models that are available for immediate download. You will find the available CAD models in the Product Documentation & Related Product Information section under the heading CAD Files. You can also use the CAD Model Search capability to find CAD models for products that are not currently in our on-line catalog. If you cannot find needed CAD models using these methods, you can request one by sending an e-mail to teCAD@te.com

CAD File Compression Information

All of the CAD files provided by this service are compressed. This saves transfer time, and better utilizes the Internet's limited bandwidth.

We use WinZip to compress the files. This compression standard was chosen as it is supported by many readily available compression tools across most computer and operating system platforms.

Please refer to your WinZip documentation for information on how to use WinZip with compressed files.

For more information on obtaining this utility, please search Google for "WinZip".

Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation.
WinZip is a registered trademark of WinZip Computing, Inc.

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