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Combiner Box Assembly Overview

SOLARLOK 5-string Combiner Box
SOLARLOK 5-string Combiner Box for residential use to combine up to five strings in a pre-terminated connectorized weather-resistant enclosure to meet National Electric Code (NEC) requirements for series fusing of photovoltaic (PV) modules (solar panels).

The SOLARLOK 5-string Combiner Box for residential use consists of a box, cover (with hinges), transparent dead front lid (under the cover), and 10 pre-terminated male SOLARLOK connectors each with a removeable seal cover. The box features 4 knockouts (for output wiring), lock tab, mounting slots, and pre-wired grounding clip.

The interior of the box holds 5 fuse blocks pre-wired to the positive SOLARLOK connectors, 5 terminal blocks pre-wired to the negative SOLARLOK connectors, and an equipment terminal block used to ground the equipment. Fuses are not included.

    Key Features
  • Combines up to 5 PV strings and converts to standard THWN-2 wire (single string) in conduit
  • Completely pre-assembled
  • 10 pre-terminated SOLARLOK pin (male) connectors
  • NEMA3 box is IP65 Rated
  • Plug and play design provides labor savings and minimizes installer error during installation
  • SOLARLOK connectors
  • SOLARLOK grounding solution
  • SOLARLOK ground bolt

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