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0805 Case Size

The Pad layout is equal to that of standard EIA 0805 and IEC/EN 2012 Chip dimensions.

Extended Value Range

This Series offers a wider Capacitance range than the standard TYTS Series.

General Purpose

This Series is designed for general-purpose applications. This series covers a wide range of capacitance characteristics

High Performance Polymer

This type reduces ESR by using high performance polymer based on our original manufacturing process. This type has been designed for applications that require, small size, large capacitance, and low ESR.

High Reliability

The TYTH Series offers a higher than standard reliability for optimal performance within applications such as Automotive.

Internally Fused

Integral Fuse built into the Component.


ESR is an abbreviation for Equivalent Series Resistance, the characteristic representing the sum of resistive (ohmic) losses within a capacitor. While ESR is undesirable, all capacitors exhibit it to some degree.

Ultra Flat Low Profile

Low profile tantalum chip capacitor developed to meet the growing needs for flat capacitors where height is critical. This is less than 1.9mm on largest Case Size.

Ultra Small - 0603

The Pad layout is equal to that of standard EIA 0603 and IEC/EN 1608 Chip dimensions.

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